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Criminals can disengage the safety release on your garage door with a simple wire hanger.

Pros/Cons of Automatic Garage Door Openers

Pro:   Automatic garage door openers make it convenient to open the garage door with a push of a button.

Con:  At the same time it can also make it very difficult to open manually.  When the emergency release cord is pulled it releases the door to enable manual operation.

You can review entrapment protection requirements can be found at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Website.

garage door security in you tube


How are criminals taking advantage of this important safety feature?

The top of the door can be pushed and wedged open.   A wire hanger can then be inserted and used to fish and pull the release.   Now the criminal can enter your property.    It is now possible for them to back up a van and comfortably remove all property regardless of size.

There are hundreds of you-tube videos dedicated to the topic of Garage Door Fishing.  These videos are needed and useful information but unfortunately the criminals are watching and learning also. Along with those videos you will also see lots of videos on how to prevent the 6 minute break in from happening to you.

How can I secure my garage door?

There are many options examined by RX Garage Doors and the one most requested option and highly recommended by RX is Surelock Deadbolt Security System,

Here are just a few reasons why.

  • A sectional roll-up garage door equipped with any garage door opener can be secured with the Surelock System
  • Operated with the GDO remote controls, wall switch/console and wireless keypad.
  • Manually operated in the event of a power outage.
  • Mounted inside the garage to avoid tampering.
  • Added security, no maintenance required and affordable.


Because of the affordability and ease of use with the current system the Surelock System is the most requested.


Is there a way to secure the door with my current system?

Absolutely.  The SureLock installation requires no change to your current door or opener and is mounted inside your garage.

How much will it cost?

While many garage doors may be similar in design and functionality you as a home owner are unique.  We can determine a price after taking into account your needs and  budget.  Call now or fill out our contact form for your individual price.  We work with all of our customers to assure they are getting what is needed and stay within budget.

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